2020 Karting Classic Pre-Entry

Entry Form Instructions

  1. We must have one (1) entry form per driver.

  2. Drivers may sign up for multiple classes on their entry form.

  3. Every driver must have a pit spot. Pit spots may be shared between 2 drivers only. If a driver does not pay for a pit spot on their entry form, they must list the name of the driver that they are sharing a paid pit spot with on their entry form. All single pit spots will be 20ft. X 40ft. All pit spots will be assigned on a first come / first serve basis. Pit spots are $20 per spot.

  4. The Adult classes pre-entry price is $100 per class.
    The Adult classes race weekend price is $125 per class.
    The Junior classes pre-entry price is $75.
    The Junior classes race weekend price is $100.
    The Vintage Exhibition pre-entry and race weekend price is $60.

  5. Woody Classes – A second race will be run this weekend for the 206 and the Yamaha Supercan classes. These will be known as the “Woody Races”. In these races, you will be running for bragging rights and a 1st place plaque (Piece of Wood). The Entry Fee for a Woody Race is only $25.00!!! To be eligible to enter a Woody Race, you must enter to run in the corresponding feature race. There will be no additional practice rounds for the Woody races. Qualifying and the number of laps per Woody race will be the same as the rest of the weekend’s races. Double your track time for only $25.00! See the supplemental rules for additional information.

  6. Drivers may register online using PayPal at the pre-entry price. The last day to register online will be July 20, 2020.

  7. Pre-entry forms that are mailed must be postmarked by July 18, 2020 or will not be accepted. Pre-entries that are mailed should be sent to:
    Commercial Point Racing Committee
    P.O. Box 323
    Commercial Point, Ohio 43116

  8. Everyone in the pit area must have a pit pass wrist band on their wrist. Pit pass wrist bands may be purchased in advance or upon arrival. Pit pass wrist bands are $20 each. Children 4 and under will be provided a pit pass wrist band free of charge.

  9. Transponders will be furnished throughout the weekend at no additional charge. Transponders will be distributed on the starting grid before the karts enter the racing surface. They will be collected from the karts when exiting the racing surface. All karts must have a Westhold transponder pouch attached to their kart. There will be a $10.00 deposit for each pouch needed. Pouches will be distributed at the registration trailer on race weekend. At the end of the racing weekend, drivers will receive their full deposit for each pouch returned to the registration trailer.


Rules & Specifications


2020 Rules & Specs

Download the latest supplemental rules and specifications for the 2020 Karting Classic.


Have questions? Email us at info@cpkartingclassic.com





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